Friday, March 23, 2012

The Last 10 Days

   So basically this past week or so hasn't been anything too exciting. I've basically been super focusing on getting work. Have never felt more 'bum-ish' now than I ever have. A good way to explain it is that I kinda feel like I was running down a path and now I'm in a hamster wheel. Lol. I don't feel like I'm progressing but in reality, I am. Just not used to not working, not going to class, or not on a strict workout plan. I need a job and want to work as much as possible until August. I need to pay my bills and I want to go shopping for my own food so I can get back on my strict regimen. This house eats VERY well, lol. And I'm not saying I'm overloading myself, I'm still portion controlling. But instead of controlling white rice, I'd rather control brown rice and instead of dark meat, white meat.. etc. And I'm not about to put out my food needs, I'm just one out of five who wants the special needs. Lol. I was asked if I wanted anything in particular. So I said, non-fat plain greek yogurt, non-fat cottage cheese, and berries... it's what I like to snack on or have for a quick breakfast. Not that it's an issue, but the cottage cheese is 4% fat lol.. I'm rarely picky!! I just can't stand any dairy that's not non-fat. :/ I know.. but I don't like the tastes. "Then just drink water".. trust me, I haven't had a glass of milk since I've moved :P  So I'm gonna try to eat the cottage cheese, I know Vic likes cottage cheese, so if I don't eat it, I'm sure I can get him to :)
   As for work, I was applying a lot this past week. Like by the dozens, which gets difficult to keep track of lol. But I have it all written down, and out of the handful of places I've applied to, three got back to me. Two being family-ran businesses and the other being a corporate-ran business. I've already had two interviews, those first two being the family owned businesses.. and I believe they were both successful. One reason due to the fact I did get hired by one and will start working for them on Monday. The company is a local floral arrangement shop... who would've guessed. Which I feel like will be good for the experience, but as for pay, I don't know. Basically she said my days would be set, Monday and Thursday and according to the job posting, I'll be working 9a-1p weekly... at $9/hour. Do the math real quick.. that's 8 hours a week.. ouch! Luckily I've planned on getting two part time jobs just until the Fall semester starts up, so that way, I can get rid of one. I want to keep the floral position because I believe I could excel in that industry, but I also feel like I'd be working just to pay for the gas to get there. She did mention that I would possibly need to work an occasional Friday or Saturday, due to proms or weddings.. etc. Either way, it takes over $70 to fill my tank in this city.. and after taxes are taken out, I'll be making less than that a week at that job. So yes, a second job is NEEDED no questions. But I'll take any opportunity I can get. So I accepted the job at the floral shop. 

   Yesterday, I had my second interview. At a local, family owned breakfast/lunch shop. They sell things like donuts, bagels, and coffee in the morning and sandwiches and such for lunch. I can't even express how badly I want this job. The owners have amazing personalities, and the hours of the shop are 6a-3p.. which gives me time for night time classes. She said that the requirements for the job are you have to be a morning person, happy personality, and hard working.... I WANT IT! Lol. My kind of job.. and since I'm so used to the corporate world of things, which is super less personal than these places, if given the opportunity to take this job, I could be working full time here and she'd work with my school schedule in the Fall. Which school is my biggest priority, that meant a lot to me.. and everyone there.. which I'm just assuming was her and her husband, baby, and possibly teenage daughter, were very welcoming and she was easy to talk to and relate to. I'd basically want that job to work under her! Lol. Nothing beats awesome management. Oh! And both places, the floral and donut shop are super cute! Lol. The floral shop is all done up with flowers (really?!?) and stone walls and the donut shop is painted pastel yellow and is really cozy. She said she'd be playing fun and upbeat music.. and possibly might have to lure customers in with 'sign shaking' on the side of the street. Again, GIVE me that job! Lol. I'll know if I got it by Monday, which I plan on calling and letting her know I'm still completely interested.
   And I'll just come straight out and say that my third interview this coming Tuesday, is at a Jamba Juice. Which of course I'd totally take, if I didn't have this donut shop opportunity. Luckily, I'm supposed to know Monday if I got it. And the Jamba deal is a first come, first serve 'interview fair'. Which I've done before for a Starbucks. And they really short and you've really got to make an impression. Group interviews are the toughest, especially when you don't have any experience in the field. 
   But I really hope I get these smaller company jobs, they seem like an awesome experience. Not so cut-throat and I could have more fun than usual lol. Either way, a job is a job and I'm not picky when it comes to getting a pay check. The biggest thing will be having the sense of actually doing something productive with my life. It's really funny though, cause since yesterday, I've only been out of work for a month, which is a short time, but everyday seems so incredibly long and tough. Not gonna lie, it's been really messing with me mentally.. and physically actually. I keep pulling muscles and feeling blahhhh. Typically, the house doesn't pick up until after 5. I get waken up by Vic's alarm at 6 or 7.. depending on when he sets it.. and I try and force myself asleep for at least two additional hours, just to take up time lol. Then I make me some breakfast, drink coffee as I watch YouTube, occasionally blog about my currently not so exciting life, and do anything extra. Like go out to look for jobs, run errands for my procrastinating brother (lol), and go hiking in the mountainy hills here. Which is one of my highlights since the last entry.
   Highlights.. which are pictured below, Saturday, Vic decided to treat me to a special lunch, due to the fact he had some money left over from his pay check/refund and he just paid off a bill completely... he took me to a legit Italian restaurant. I believe it may have been the best meal I've had in a while.. everything was perfect. So much flavor that I've never experienced. After the meal we were planning on going bowling, but it was getting later and he was getting lazier, so he wanted to go visit grandma (which he never does). So we went there and talked for two hours, just about anything. She told us stories about how she had some of her children on the living room floor lol.. she had ten btw. She said she thought she just had a stomach ache on number five and before she knew it, she was having a baby and couldn't make it to the hospital. She added that even before any doctors got to her house to do a check up on the new born, she had already got dressed and went to the store and back because she was out of bottles lol! That was my favorite story. And she had 10 babies.. and which the maybe two last ones were in a hospital because she had to get sewn up. I find myself getting more freaked out by medical procedures as I get older. I don't even want to get my wisdom teeth pulled.. ahhh. 

   Sunday, I finally got to go bowling. I was way rusty.. and of course lost. Felt like a doofus cause I hadn't bowled in forever, so it was just weird. Before bowling, I ended up tearing apart their kitchen with his mom. We just really got into this mood and pulled it all out and threw stuff away and she wouldn't stop! Lol. Even after I stopped cause I needed to shower for bowling, she kept going. She even reorganized her drawers, after seeing how I organized Victor's drawers, she went on an organization spree. 
   Tuesday was another highlight.. finally some sunshine and hardly any wind during the hike. We went on a super steep hill, higher than the last. Going downhill is my LEAST favorite part. I excel in going up, but due to my shoes not being hiking shoes, I tend to slip around sometimes, so I'm super careful when going down. This time I got blisters on the tops of my middle toes. Such a weird spot. She asked me if I wanted to go again yesterday, I really wanted too, but my toes were somewhat 'raw' feeling still and to me, it was super cold outside. So, it was a no go this time. Haven't really used my shoes since I was really active in early November. So I'm having to break them in again, and besides the weird on top of toes blisters, I'm having the same feelings as before. Oh well. Really can't wait to get to a gym. I know I can work out here and jog around the block, but I want to get something for myself which requires me to leave the house daily. My own little hobby. Hopefully my jobs will get me enough money to contribute to my diet and exercise.
   But I'd better stop before I keep going.. feel like I've covered most of it all. Plans for this weekend, are to maybe see some friends who are coming through, now depends on money cause we/he just paid his bills and that left him broke, he just barely has enough for gas. Sunday we might go to San Bruno with his mom to see some 'great-aunt and uncle' figures. They haven't met me yet and we really should go see them.
   Anyway, here's pictures of the dinner and sunny hike.. (I will apologize now for spelling errors and not so glamorous photos)

The first part, my FAV, oil and vinegar with bread. And we split a bottle of merlot, probably my second favorite merlot I've had 

 Appetizer,  Salmon Bruschetta, and Mozerella Caprese

 Main course, he had a filet mignon in some wine sauce, which is why it looks burnt or black in the picture.. it was the best I've tasted. My dish was chicken tortelli, so amazing

Dessert, mine of course was chocolate, basically a chocolate ice cream 'pie' with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips.. and hes was the same except strawberry, with strawberry sauce and white chocolate chips. Both were equally amazing and we had a double shot of espresso along with these. 

This restaurant maybe possibly my new favorite!

 Sunny and cloudy, pictures don't do much justice, but we were at a higher point then previous postings. Straight ahead is Mt Diablo

 Love looking at my surroundings during these hikes. They are definitely challenging, but completely worth it. Love how the hills kinda look soft. Again, it's difficult to express through camera phone, if only you could smell the fresh air and the warm sun as well.

 Easily amused by being able to see the spots where the clouds are covering land

Previously pictured before.. Part 3 of my horrible downhill hike 

You can really tell here, but my MOST favorite part of this hike was the 'pack' of wild turkeys. Just about right in the middle of this picture, there is a male turkey with his feathers all fluffed out. These weren't even all of them! There were SO many of them. The noises of their 'gobbling' were such a crazy sound. And the males were HUGE.. the females were fairly large as well and definitely took up most of the group lol.

   I should probably type more often like I used to, but then I feel like there isn't much to talk about. So hope no one got too bored with this crazy long post..
I wonder how many times I say/type that...

Till next time!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Focus, Focus

   So I've been having a difficult time focusing lately.. not a surprise. I was very aware of that happening, but have been doing my best to avoid it. I constantly feel like I'm on the verge of defeat and I HATE making decisions that I feel will impact my life negatively. But I know, that's life, and there's so much more to worry about.
   So last Thursday marked the big one month anniversary lol. Which I had been reminded about all day that day. In the morning I told Victor to not doing anything, I didn't want him to think he had to take me out to dinner or spend any money on me. Then during the afternoon, I felt like something was up. Just had the weird vibe feeling. Then his mom (who had the day off), all the sudden told the dog to go in the other room, which never happens. Then I heard a van door slide... and the first thing that came to mind was a delivery of some sort.. possibly for me, but probably for someone else because there is always things coming to the house. And the dog hates mailmen, so I figured that she just wanted the dog to be out of the way. So she went to the door and then called my name and said someone is here to give me something. Then I got all excited cause maybe it was someone I knew or something lol.. but it was a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates that got delivered to me. Which is like my two favorite things. Never had flowers given to me until this relationship. There had been the occasional long stemmed rose or two, but never a bouquet and this is the second time! Lol. Yes, I notice those things...

They are beautiful everyday.. I wish they'd stay the way there are now.. the picture directly above was taken today.. so all the flowers are perfectly opened :)
   Didn't do much of anything else that Thursday and Friday. Just school work and my blinker now blinks.. like the way it's supposed to. Don't know how long it's been since I've been able to do that. Definitely feels weird driving it now.. I still think that it's broken. Lol.
   Saturday Me and Vic went to Tracy to go see my mom and we had a barbecue. I made my potato salad, peanut butter cake (new), and special punch lol. We ate tri tip. It was fun, I got to lay in the sun for a little bit while we were grilling. Figured I'd get it in before the weather got crappy. Sure enough, by the time we were leaving, the weather was already getting really crappy. Sunday wasn't much of anything.. felt sick, so I tried to take it easy. When I was feeling a little bit better, he suggested taking me out to sushi, and since I hadn't felt well enough to eat all day, and plus.. it was sushi, I went out with him. Then he bought me coffee. He knows coffee makes me super happy. And I appreciate all he does for me.
   Monday I went out on a big job hunt. Applied at many places and gave my resume out. It was a fun experience, got lost on several occasions lol. After that, went out on another hike, and brought my phone this time so I could get some pictures. Saw the most deer I've seen in my life in one sitting.. and besides the wind beating me up, it was another nice hike.
The path after the first incline.. you can see a lot from here
That the top that we go to, just to turn back and go down hill :/
Kinda dark, but still really pretty
 A higher point that one day, I'll get to the top of
Think there was 10 deer here, it was getting difficult to see cause the sun was going down.

   In addition to the hike, I got a tour of Livermore's water/waste plant. Doesn't sound too great, but for me, it was definitely a mini thrill for me. Got to go in the offices and got to go to the top of the main office/tower and got to see the massive pieces of equipment and stuff. Lol. Got to see the computers which were showing the stats on the machines and saw security cameras which showed the inside where the water was being moved to a different part of the plant. I don't typically think of the vastness of the whole water systems till now. One typically only concentrates on their own water system at home. Which on a regular basis, doesn't have any issues. But when you've got a whole city or two to control.. equals lots of different issues lol. Anyway, very very cool experience.
   Of course yesterday consisted of laundry and I'm glad to say that the laundry is done! There is only ONE basket that will be done every time it fills up... as opposed to the four I originally started with. Reorganized a little.. which a lot needs to be done, there is no room in this room for any clutter or disorganization. The closet shelves are my next project. Which maybe I'll get to sooner than I thought I would. Due to the fact now I've talked it over with Victor and we/I have decided to skip this semester of school. Don't feel the need to list my reasons and thought process because I could write a novel by doing that. So we'll just call this Spring Vacation, instead of Summer Vacation, I'll be attending summer school. Hopefully, depending on my job situation at the time, I can really cram out all the easy general ed classes in the next two semesters. I'm not worried about it. What do I have to lose? As for work, I did just find a job posting as a "Floral Apprentice".. yes please! I know I've got very high experience for this job.. and it kinda makes me feel like if I were to get this job, I'd be a "Floral Master." Lmao.. In other news, I've watched 6.5/8 episodes of Star Wars.. yea, makes sense huh. And on that note, I was instructed to watch them in the order in which they came out in theater.. 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3... and I'm fully disappointed. I would've actually really enjoyed them watching them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.. Maybe because I'm no hardcore Star Wars fan, but I'm mad that I already know everything that's happened and is going to happen. Lamest thing ever.. sorry.
   So now, I'm just looking forward for this job now. I have to call tomorrow after 1pm to talk to the person who is doing the hiring. Kinda excited for this one because I actually want it lol.. and I can really sell myself on this one. Plus I've got loads of time now. I plan on doing lots of "Spring Cleaning" here. Vic's mom has been wanting to reorganize.. lol, just my thing.. makes me wanna call Staci over hahaha, We'd have the whole house redone in a week if given the time lol. Maybe I'll start the kitchen project tomorrow, just want to make sure I know what I'm allowed to do and such. Friday I get to tag along with Vic's mom and her shopping buddy and I get to go to my first Ikea.. which I know what I'm expecting, which is why I already have planned my outfit around my running shoes lol. I'm sure this will be an all day event and definitely something worth writing about. Last time I went out with them, I climbed a mini mountain and had Persian cuisine for the first time.

   Until next time..

We kinda look like we like each other :P

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almost 1 Month!

So since I have been recently notified that I haven't been updating as usual.... lol, I decided since I have some time right now, I will.
   It has been almost a month since I have been 'off the market' lol, and it has just been all busy times. I used to have issues sleeping in Turlock. I find that whenever I'm in Livermore, I want to sleep by 8pm. I guess it doesn't help that I'm up 7 days a week, anywhere between 4a & 6a. I don't know what time I was woken up this morning, but by 7a I was totally awake and ready to go lol. Today I'm doing laundry and homework. I have a stats quiz today. Yay for me! As for laundry, I thought just my laundry was a chore.. maybe two loads, once a week to stay on top of it. But here.. it's taken me a few days to catch up the laundry lol. Our room is stuffed with clothing. I feel I'm almost done with laundry for the week though, keeping my fingers crossed.
   As for more fun-ish time consuming activities. Last Thursday I got to go out on my first real walk here. The women were referring to the walk as a 'hike', which had me skeptical. I was expecting a hike! So there was 5 of us there and we were walking on a path and through a park-ish looking area. And then there was a hill... a big one! ;) Ran my way up the hill and then after, all I could see was nothing-ness. Nature, rolling hills, grass.. it was awesome! We kept going and got to another steep hill.. a muddy one! It became slippery and the mud stuck to our shoes, after a few times of trying to get it off, I decided to just leave it. Added weight lol. It was a hike, I knew I was going to feel it after. We got to the top of the one of the hills and I could see the whole city and the mountains behind it. It was so worth it. There were cows grazing and deer running around. I am totally going to take advantage of my surroundings. I was pretty sore the next day. My toes felt bruised from the down hill walking, but I would do it again. Next time, I will have to bring my phone so I can take pictures.
   Friday I got to go to the movies. I saw My week with Marilyn. Me and two other women went. We went to an older theater in town where they serve meals and alcohol, as well as popcorn and typical movie treats. It was a super small theater, but so nice. The movie was good and I had a glass of wine while watching it. After the movie we went to a Persian restaurant, something else I haven't experienced. I had hot tea and curry chicken. It was delicious, though I think I went a little too safe with the chicken. I've never had it from a restaurant though, so it was worth it. For dessert we had Persian bread pudding. Everything was really good. 

   Saturday I finally got to see Victor, lol. He was wanting to take me out for lunch and bowling, but I had other things I wanted to get him with. The day before I was having breakfast and listening to the news. The weather lady was saying how the weather during the weekend was supposed to be amazing. The newspaper was right in front of me with the local section which had things to do this weekend in it. An article featured a lady named Nicole Lee who owns a chocolate shop in Pleasanton, and she was going to be a chocolate expo in San Fran on Sunday. So instead of bowling and lunch, I convinced him to just take me to the chocolate on Sunday and I'd let him be lazy around the house and play video games all day. But for me not to complain about the video games, he would have to get his taxes done that day. So there was three H&R branches in the area and I got him to get an appointment for that day and I told him I'd go with him. Crazy to think that this was the first time this old man was filing all by himself :P  So he bought the chocolate tickets and we went to do his taxes, which were just as easy as I was telling him it was. So the rest of my Saturday was running errands and doing as much homework as I could, which he was glued to the computer screen lol. 
   Sunday was great! We got up early-ish and planned on having breakfast in San Francisco and then going to the expo. We parked by Pier 39 and ended up walking all the way to Fort Mason where the event was. We had breakfast in a 50s diner in Ghirardelli Square. French toast and Mimosas for me. After we went to the Ghirardelli store for espressos and chocolate. Then walked to the chocolate expo. There was probably 50 different vendors from everywhere. I sampled some of the most interesting chocolates I have ever tasted. I tried a chocolate-basil mix, chocolate-hot pepper, chocolate-bacon, normal chocolates were there too! But I made my rounds and picked two places that I like that I bought a small treat for us. I found this salted caramel with hazelnut which was delicious and is located in San Fran.. lucky me! And the chocolate bacon was really good. Weird, but I love salty sweet, and the smoky bacon flavor was really good. Think about having bacon with your pancakes or french toast, same concept in my eyes. That way it doesn't seem as contradicting. Left afternoonish, went home and ran more errands. And Vic's dad took apart my truck's steering wheel, which is still in pieces today. He is replacing my blinker switch. Then later had lunch with some of MY friends. Lol.. the 'my' emphasized cause most of the friends I see coming around are his friends, which would make sense. But two of my buddies came up here with their girlfriends and we had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was another good experience and it was nice to see familiar faces in this not so familiar area.
    Sleeping was a little difficult that night due to Victor having a sick stomach.. being all throw up-ish. He was up a number of times during the night and every time he'd wake up, I would also. He ended up staying home from work Monday. He felt gross all day, so I made sure he ate right and early enough because I didn't want him to have digestive issues again and I as well didn't want to deal with any of it. Lol.

   Tuesday (yesterday) he had traffic court early in the morning, so again I was up and getting ready to leave before 7am to get to the court house. I decided to go with him, so he's have someone to keep him company. Plus, on the way home was the part store that had the part for my car that I was picking up. Court was alright, not too bad, there was a bunch of people there and we had to wait for almost two hours. The judge would crack jokes and such, so it was slightly entertaining. After that, we got my part and stopped by his friend's house which was around the corner to go have lunch together. Then, we headed back ran some errands and finally made it back to the house. I knew I had a quiz today, so while we watched J. Edgar, I was doing homework and studying. For dinner we went to taco tuesday at a mexican restaurant that I can't remember the name of. Had good tacos, but I'm used to taco trucks lol. Finally made it home and I was too tired to do much of anything else. I just wanted to sleep.
   And of course, I was up super early this morning. Should be studying, but this room is a mess, still trying to get the laundry situation under control and get our new sheets washed and put on the bed. Of course applying for jobs here and there. Haven't got down and crazy with it due to me not having the time to organize a job search. School comes first and I have applied for unemployment, just in case I am actually able to get it and in case of me not getting a job within the next month. Plus, I don't have a car to drive lol. If I get this quiz finished and vacuum today, I will officially feel accomplished today. My weekend is already booked and I'm seeing the weekend after next filling up as well. Don't know what's going to happen when I'm physically in school and physically working. I was already busy where I was last, here comes a much, much bigger challenge.

Some pictures from the SF Chocolate Salon.

 Typical touristy pictures

 But as you can see, the day was AMAZING

 People were sunbathing and swimming in the ocean

 Snap shot of what the salon looked like

 Some chocolate sculpture

 LOTS of sailing and TONS of bikers

 Bridge over Fort Mason


 Another tourist shot of Fort Mason


and a couple of dorks

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Countdown

   So I've been busy this passed week. Work, school, and appointments. I didn't even feel like I had a weekend.  I'm starting to think that I'm not cut out for "weekends" lol. My week just keeps going lol. Last week I got all my government stuff sorted out. Its so weird. Took extra hours at work, got a 90% on a statistics test, and tried to make time for my better half this weekend. Got so tired this weekend... felt like all I did was work and sleep. Moving will be interesting. I'm super tired thinking about it.
   Tomorrow will be my last day at the store. Today I'm possibly going to Tracy to get my mom. Might take advantage of this trip and drop off some stuff over the hill. The whole gas thing is bugging me. Hopefully if I decide to go that far, I won't need to charge too much. I don't have much to say. Nothing worth writing about has happened this passed week.
   I'll be all this week. If anything, I'm going to attempt moving Sunday or so. I just want to get out there to start really looking for jobs. I currently have an application for a restaurant that I'm really going to shoot for. I don't want to work in a restaurant, like at all.. but I need a job and if I don't like it, at least it will allow me to get my bills paid while I look for something that I'd want more. I'm not going to be picky :/

Monday, February 13, 2012

I know, updates been a little off

Finally just got home yesterday afternoon since leaving Wednesday..
Well, whatever you consider my home actually is. I feel like I'm kinda floating and don't belong anywhere right now. Except Vic tells me wherever the other ring is at, that's where I belong lol. 
   Today I woke up and wanted to start my day off with a venti black coffee. Went to Starbucks, waited in like for maybe 10+ minutes for a $2.25 cup of coffee and when I got up to the window, they said, 'Sorry for the wait, this one is on us'. I know it's not the big of a deal, but every little bit helps, and that stuff is crack to me, so they thrilled the heck out of me. Felt like I won the lottery for the day! Lol. I didn't even feel like I waited that long. I get my coffee free a couple of times. They give black coffee out a lot, assuming cause it's cheap and they have enough of it. Either way, it made a paragraph in my blog lol. Then I went and returned my Chegg book from a class I dropped, so hopefully I get the full refund. I basically walked in and out. They scanned it and printed me a receipt and I was off the the Social Security office in Modesto. Crossed my fingers that it would be like my last two tasks.. quick. Buuuut.. I walked in 10 minutes after they opened, and there was people evverrrywhere lol. Printed myself a ticket, sat in a crowed government office. Sat for an hour and a half, and my 'social security issue' took maybe 2 minutes, if that. She typed my application in her computer, printed me a receipt and I was done. My identity is officially changed.. I'm like a new me.. lmao. After that, went to the Vitamin Shoppe, since I've never been there before. They had lots of stuff! I've been feeling icky, so I was on a hunt for a body cleanse. The manager was really helpful. When I was done, I saw I had an email from a place I applied to, and my resume wouldn't open for her, so I drove home and sent her a new one. Now I'm here, waiting for my shift.. I close tonight :/ Dunno how fun that'll be since I got 3 hours of sleep last night.
   Yesterday I had to work. Also put my two weeks resignation notice in. My last day there is February 21. My news spread through the store really fast. As soon as I walked in people where saying things to me and commenting on how pretty I was in my pictures lol. It's all good. I always knew I'd never stay there, but now it's here and it's all weird. I don't want to leave, but in all honesty I do. I think it's just a comfort blanket and I know there's more out there for me. What really sucks is that I don't want to tell anyone.. I hate 'goodbyes'. Though most of the good people I work with are co-workers, there is a very small handful of people I really care about and are awesome. 
   I have applications out in several places around my new place of residence. As a gift, his mom got cute house keys made for me. So it's even weird when I look down at my keys, I've got two houses?!? I'm just gonna go with it all and keep my focus on myself. I don't want to get lost. But yea, I have no real future plans right now. Kind of just working day to day. 
   Tomorrow, Valentine's Day, I don't get to spend with my valentine. I really would've liked to surprise him at his work for lunch, but I can't make it over there. So we'll have our own V-Day later. I got him something too. But I'm not telling him that I got him anything lol. It's something small, but hopefully he'll like it and use it. I'll post pictures of it when it comes in. He'll be here this weekend, hopefully it'll come while he is here so he can have it :)  Also tomorrow I'm starting a 7 day body cleanse. Not going to fast like they suggest.. I would have to lock myself in my room and have gallons and gallons of water stored in my room! I am though not going to eat any meat, milk, or alcohol. Gonna keep it super simple. Raw stuff, maybe salads and veggie soups. Lots of water and tea. Considering quitting coffee with it too, but I know it sounds like a good idea today, but tomorrow I'll head straight for the coffee pot. Oh well, doesn't hurt to try. I believe in nutrition and fasting shouldn't last 7 days.. I loves food! 
   Wednesday I may possibly take some hours, I haven't heard anything yet, so I doubt it. But other than that, I have two statistic assignments due and a test on thursday. Which will be interesting to see if I can complete due to the fact they are really getting into using the stats calculator.. which of course I don't have. There's no such thing as a cheap stats calc. Vic says he has one, but hasn't really researched it thoroughly if he still has it. So I've been doing all the work by hand. Just takes forever.
   Friday is DMV day.. least I've got an appointment lined up for that. Gonna go get me a new identification card lol. Then he said he'd come to me this weekend.. we'll see!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mini Update

Wednesday went very well!
   Woke up early in the morning to start getting ready. I remember it seeming like it was taking forever, but now looking back, it all seemed so quick. We all got ready and started to leave.. I always know I forget stuff and about 5 minutes up the freeway, I had realized I forgot the bouquet! So I went back and got it and we left again. We met at the house in Livermore where we rearranged the car rides and then we were off to Oakland! 
   Got the the Alameda County Courthouse and it totally reminded me of a fancier DMV. Lol. It was very stressless and easy. We filled out our paper work and paid the fees. After that, we waited for our commissioner to take us to the ceremony room. Including me, I believe there was 13 of us. It was very nice and small.
   The ceremony was short and sweet. And I didn't cry!! Though, I almost did lol. I ignored everyone else in the room and tried my best to keep it together. I think I succeeded! I can't remember all details, but I can still hear his voice repeating his vows and the look in his eyes. That's what gets me. :) 
   After we got our marriage certificate, we all went to the restaurant. The restaurant had our names posted on their billboards and in front of their wedding banquet area :) That was really cool. Dinner went really well and everyone got along. Which was one of my favorite parts. We also did a cake cutting. The cake was delicious! Red velvet with a cream cheese frosting.
   When lunch was over Vic and I left together to go to our honeymoon getaway. We spent one night in Half Moon Bay in a hotel on the beach. It was so nice and peaceful. When we got there we popped open some champagne and sat on the terrace and watched the sun set over the horizon. We left the door from our terrace cracked open at all times so we could here the ocean crashing the whole time. The room also had a fireplace, everything was so cozy. For dinner that night, we walked to a little restaurant down like 2 minutes from our hotel. The next morning we had breakfast served to our room. After we checked out, we went for a walk and just enjoyed the weather. It was amazing.. sunny and very warm. Couldn't have been better! 
   We wanted to beat traffic, so we headed back to Livermore early afternoon and just spend the rest of the day at the house just relaxing. Which is where I end up now lol. Woke up this morning around 9.. still in bed. Been doing homework and paying bills. Now back to the less fun reality :/ least favorite part of this week lol. 
   I do have some pictures as of right now. But they are ones from my phone and other phones that people have sent me. I will have more once my dad puts them on a disc for me. I want to get them printed also and put in an album. We got a gift in a large pretty box, and I want to keep that box for our wedding keepsakes. Which I will put our cards, pictures, wine, and stuff in so we can reopen it Feb 8, 2013.. and every year after :) 

   Anyway, here are just a VERY few pictures that I have. Of course I will put more on here when I get them..

 In the courthouse, waiting to be called for our ceremony

The "You-may-kiss-the-bride part" and just one of us looking at each other

A my-point-of-view of lunch

Our cake.. 

Sunset Feb 8, 2012

Pretty much full moon at about 6am Feb 9, 2012

If you looked over the left from the first picture, you would see the colors of the sun rise

View of our room.. ours was the one farthest back on the top floor

At the restaurant.. love his smile :)

<3 Feb 8, 2012 <3

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something old, new, borrowed, and blue... jeans

   Today for my errands, I decided to wear my new, old and borrowed, and blue lol. The picture on the right, is probably my last Miss Veronica self portrait. Wearing my new earrings and necklace from mother-in-law and old and borrowed ring from my own mama. My jeans are blue, even though they kinda look black lol. Got my shirt with the wifey on Friday from H&M.. I saw it awhile back and wanted it, and this time, I made sure it was mine. It was only $10. There's just something about the shirt I really liked. Oh well, retail therapy.  
   Anyway, today started off a little late. I wanted to be at the florist by 830 and I was there 930ish. Didn't have a specific appointment anyway. When I walked in, I was all excited. The last time I was in there, there hadn't been so many flowers. But this time there was buckets and racks full. It was really hard to keep my focus on what I needed.. because I wanted them all. They were holding my flowers for me in the back and I got all the ones I really wanted. I picked out some fillers, just on inspiration. Was slightly skeptical on how it'd come out, but I figured that I could work with it either way. Everything cost roughly $50.. which is supppper cheap. Bouquets in Turlock were starting at $90 and apparently in Livermore, they were $100+. When I got home and realized (yes I'm dumb) I had bought 2 dozen roses, and for some reason I was thinking that I was only getting a dozen for $35. But noooo.. to my excitement, when I opened the wrappers I got to see this
Instant glee lol! It was so pretty and I got to work right away. I clipped off all the leaves and clipped the bottoms and put them in vases of water for the time being. I have never legitally put together a bouquet before. And who would've figured it would be my own. Very fun and you get what you want.
The picture on the left was my first finished product. I always wanted curls of grass (if that makes any sense) in my bouquet. So after leaving them out and thinking about it for awhile, I decided to tuck them in. Whether or not they stay, I don't know. But its not a hard fix. I figure after it sits like that long enough, the grass my just stay that way. The pictures above don't do much justice to the flowers. My phone doesn't pick up the brightness and happiness the flowers give off. The colors even look a little weird in the pictures, but you get the main idea. 
   After doing that I had a nail appointment. On my way to the salon, the cleaners called and said my dress was ready to be picked up :) Made me nervous when they called, I was hoping they were telling me it was ready, but they might have been calling me to tell me something had gone wrong. I worry about lots! The mani/pedi went well. I was the only one in the salon. The foot massage was awesome and my toes look like little pearls. And my hands match my shoes and my old/borrowed ring. They match my shoes, nearly perfectly. So glad I have a great manicurist. She was very helpful and patient with me. I told her that this would be the only time that I would be picky with choosing my nail colors lol. It all took about 2 hours and it felt like it went by too quickly. I think getting my feet and hands done was probably the most thing I was looking forward to. Lol. Easily amused I guess.    ..While I was there, Vic had called me just to say hi and let me know that he made a reservation at a hotel in Half Moon Bay for us to go to after the ceremony and lunch. I don't want to even think about that bill. All I know is that I'm not going to want to leave this place. Yes, that is an actually picture of the room I'll be getting to stay in. And he asked me if I would like that. Umm, the ocean is right there outside the terrace... I don't think I'd ever like such a thing! LOL, yea right. I would've been fine with a $100 room in Santa Cruz (that's upscale for this chick) I'm used to looking for the cheapest spots lol. Most of the time I get rooms to sleep in and go off to do what I came there for. But, you will not find me complaining about this place. The only thing I will complain about is having to leave :( Already dreading that part. 
   Well for the rest of the day, I'm going to do laundry and pack. Going to finish my homework assignments that are due on Thursday so I don't have anything to worry about all week. I'm actually tired, which mostly means I've reached the end and I'm not as stressed. Have my mom to thank for that one. My stress level has been redlining all day. I have a slight headache and a nap sounds wonderful. But homework first!